Security is a Serious Job

The security guard has a serious responsibility. It’s not like you see on TV. They do not get to sleep on the job. They are subject to danger on a daily basis. Guards must remain alert at all times to watch for suspicious activity in and around the job site. They are there to protect people and property against theft, vandalism, fire and sometimes terrorism. They may come against any illegal or other dangerous threats at any time. The guards at GPS Security Group, using our highly specialized security systems, keep a watchful eye over the job site.


Trained and Experienced

GPS Security Group, serving Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary and surrounding areas, has an excellent training program for all security guards. Our guards have prior law enforcement and/or military training. In addition, our training programs provide certification in armed and unarmed security, CPR, First Aid and the Construction Safety Training System (CSTS). In addition, we have programs to certify guards as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) with Emergency Medical Records (EMR) training. This makes our security guards prepared for any and all emergencies. This alone, puts us a step above the rest when it comes to serving our clients.

The Best Systems

In the Red Deer area, as in all the areas that we service, our security guards use the only GPS tracking system in Alberta. Each of our mobile units and our individual guards are supplied with our GPS mapping technology. It is this technology that provides our clients with real time reports. The system is also able to be programed to identify specific points of interest to our clients and these points of interest will be given preferential treatment and more visibility. We are so sure of our service that we will give two weeks free mobile patrol and a free assessment just to try us.