We are headquartered in Edmonton and have a branch in Calgary. GPS Security provides services across Alberta. Here’s a quick look at the locations we have been in.

At GPS we deliver on consistent service quality experience to participate in current training regardless of location. Site qualification requirements such as CSTS, Confined Space and Entry & Rescue, Advanced First Aid, EMR and EMT certification can be obtained utilizing our in-house training.

Additional services offered include by-law and traffic enforcement utilizing vehicle and bicycle patrols. Our specialization of services and “target hiring” for individual clients separates insures that the qualities required of our site placements meet or exceed the requirements of our clients. Each Security Guard has a GPS mapping unit that allows our customers to verify the service is being delivered to their expectations.

Our mapping software allows us to create Points of Interest (POI), as our Guards do their foot patrols to each POI, our GPS units confirms this is being done in a timely manner. GPS Security Group Inc. provides retail security to several shopping malls in Alberta.

Request your free security assessment that includes a review of your current systems and business operations: ​

  • Advanced solutions to help reduce loss and increase retail intelligence.
  • Professional monitoring centers and web-based tools for self-monitoring.
  • Access control, intrusion detection, and videos solutions integrated with alarm notification, video recording and more.
  • Electronic article surveillance to help reduce theft with RFID solutions for better inventory control, and industry-leading source tagging solutions./End-to-end solutions in security, fire protection, and life safety.
  • Retail Security & Loss Reduction/Recommendations for enhanced security systems and protocols
  • Solutions for integrating your existing technology.


We are highly trained, trusted and certified.