Bankruptcy Asset Protection

When you are a part of a business, you are well aware of the risk factors involved. The ultimate result of a business failure is bankruptcy. A company and the stakeholders of the company are two separate entities. When a company is liable for debts, it is not necessary that the stakeholder’s assets are to be used as a debt recovery. This fact is not accepted by the creditors which leads to a possibility of unwanted intrusion and vandalism. To avoid the occurrence of such situations, having a bankruptcy asset protection plan in place is necessary.

GPS security is one of the finest security service providing companies in Alberta. We have a comprehensive experience in working towards protecting both small and big commercial assets. We have perfected our techniques over the years and introduced new advanced technologies for a better security experience. Armed with best in class surveillance technology and security officers well-versed with military grade training, we are the pioneers of complete security systems.

Our Dedicated Services for Bankruptcy Asset Protection include:

  • Unarmed and armed security officers to keep unauthorized intruders from entering your property.
  • 24/7 surveillance through video monitoring throughout your property to ensure your assets are protected.
  • Automated intruder alarm system to alert illegitimate trespassers on your property.
  • Patrolling security guards to keep an eye on the complete property and reprimand unknown visitors.

We Provide Bankruptcy Asset Protection Services in the following Locations in Alberta:

  • Edmonton
  • Red Deer
  • Calgary
  • Boyle
  • BonnyVille
  • Strathcona County
  • Edson
  • Gibbons
  • Grand Prairie
  • Fort McMurray

As a business owner or stakeholder of a company, you have to safeguard your company assets as well as your personal assets. Bankruptcy being an uncertain predicament, it can happen to anyone. Apart from being prepared for the financial shortcomings, you need to be prepared to protect unwarranted invasion of your assets by creditors. To protect your assets from superfluous seizure, reach out to the security experts in Edmonton.