North Eastern Settlements Alliance (NESA) set out on building a better future for their community and that ensured getting jobs for their members. NESA offered their expertise to secure and maintain security contracts for camp, facility and pipeline work. In turn, GPS Security Group offered training, employment and commercial opportunities to NESA.

Around 1/3rd of GPS Security employees have an aboriginal background, which is quite sizeable. A large number of GPS Aboriginal Security Officers work in the Oil and Gas industry.

GPS Security Group is happy and proud to provide economic opportunity to the Aboriginal Community in Alberta. The aim is for us is to grow and employee as much as 50% of Aboriginal Security Officers.

Joint Venture with North Eastern Settlement Alliance

(St. Paul) – “Securing Our Financial Future” resonated loud and clear in St Paul Alberta, from the North Eastern Settlements Alliance. The North Eastern Settlements Alliance (NESA) is embarking on a bold new journey to secure the financial future of its four member communities. To do this NESA is building a strong foundation, a strategic network of partners and the necessary infrastructure to attract and develop sustainable business opportunities.

The four North East Metis Settlements are now in a position to be a competitive security company. In partnering with GPS Security Group Inc., NESA has the expertise to secure and maintain security contracts for camp, facility and pipeline work.

It’s a Win-Win-Win situation,the NESA communities win through training, employment and commercial opportunities, all Stakeholders involved win through the value of return of this JV and the future customers win through receiving exceptional services at a fair value.”

GPS Security Group currently have over 1/3 of its Security Professionals with Aboriginal background.

GPS has Senior Aboriginal Security Officers working in the Oil and Gas Industry. GPS is committed to the training and working with Aboriginals in Alberta and will continue to work closely with all Aboriginal Communities.

​We’re proud to create economic development for our stakeholders and employment opportunities for Aboriginal People in Alberta and will continue to grow our services across Alberta and beyond together. Our goal is to employ 50% of our staff complement as Aboriginal Security Officers and will continue to work with the communities to continue on site and off site security training and job placements.